Dapayk & Vars - Streets & Bridges (Vinyl)

  •  Dapayk & Vars - Streets & Bridges (Vinyl)
  •  Dapayk & Vars - Streets & Bridges (Vinyl)
  •  Dapayk & Vars - Streets & Bridges (Vinyl)

A1 Fire
A2 Follow The Light
A3 Streets
A4 Gold
B1 In The Dark
B2 Concepts
B3 Home

Vinyl 12"
Releasedate: 05.07.2019

Dapayk & VARS show their full potential on their first album released on Ritter Butzke Studio.

For over two decades now „Dapayk“ is on of the driving forces of the international Techno- and Electronic scene. With projects like „Dapayk Solo“, „Dapyk&Padberg“ and cooperations with many well-known artists around the world the Berlin based producer always searches for new ways to express his creativity. Now in 2019 he is turning over a new leaf with „Dapayk & VARS“ where he creates a mixture of Deep House, Indie and Minimal Electro combined with the extravagant voice of VARS.

VARS as a young and aspiring artist who already had a lot of experience in Indie- Rock and other genres as a singer joins the group with his youth and uncompromising passion to take new paths regardless of what old habits dictate.

Together they create a distinctive sound that is bridging the gap between old and modern fashion, neglecting but still accepting genres and fuse what is different. Their album shows those concordances and discrepancies in a refreshing and thrilling way.

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